In the last 6 year of blogging one of my biggest struggles has always been having great pictures and great content at the same time. During my first year I wrote every single day for 365 days so the content was most directly about the outfit than my life in the interest of keeping the […]

Packing Problems

As I was packing for Kentucky, the weather app on my phone showed temperatures in the 50s… As I took these pictures it was in the single digits…  Packing always stresses me out because I’ve never been good about preplanning outfits and a 60 degree swing in temperature doesn’t help at all. I took these […]

Summer Accomplishments!

I am so excited to have my good friend Hannah joining me in today’s blog pictures! If I have accomplished anything this summer it has been helping her pull out her inner fashionista. Like many college students, Hannah had fallen into the rut of the yoga pant, but she now enjoys showing off her personal […]

T-shirt people inspiration!

Is it weird that the people on my t-shirt inspired my outfit? There is just something so classic about a tuxedo look and light wash jean jacket. I may have picked these pants up at Bluetique for $10, but the best part is that LOFT is now selling pants like this so I can more […]

Patterned leggings!

Do you ever sit down at your computer and go completely blank on words and feelings? That is how I am feeling right now. When I have a back log of outfit pictures rather than going day to day I sometimes forget what I wanted to talk about while I was wearing this outfit. Even […]

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