Simple statement!

I finally had something to get dressed for besides work, school and church! Last night I went to my friend’s mom’s business’s banquet. Although I was not receiving any awards or prizes, I had a great time dancing with friends and meeting new people. Not knowing how much to dress up for this party, I […]

Showing the good and the bad!

This outfit was one that sounded better in my head than it looked in real life. Teal jeans with a teal, black and white plaid top, and a black and white sweater over top seems like a combination made in heaven, but I was not head over heels for this look. I did not dislike it […]

Fun pattern mixing!

Even in the winter this cropped jean jacket is one of my favorite layers! For work the other day I paired it with black jeans, a black and white button down, and my favorite shoe scarf. Mixing patterns adds unexpected interest to outfits. My favorite way to mix patterns is by picking two different black […]

Trying something new!

After a test yesterday morning I spent some time distributing MOUR magazine and then hanging out at RnJ Accessories. If it wasn’t for the test that would have been the perfect day! The November/December issue of MOUR just got published and I am so thrilled to have written the main article for this issue, so […]

Catwalk Queen!

Yesterday was the RnJ Accessories fashion show, and I strutted out of my comfort zone and on to the catwalk. Usually at fashion shows I’m either in a chair watching, or behind the scenes doing make up. This time someone thought it would be a good idea for me to actually be on the runway. […]

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