Packing Problems

As I was packing for Kentucky, the weather app on my phone showed temperatures in the 50s… As I took these pictures it was in the single digits… 

Packing always stresses me out because I’ve never been good about preplanning outfits and a 60 degree swing in temperature doesn’t help at all.

I took these photos in the middle of my last day in town with every last minute appointment possible scheduled. Warmth and comfort surpassed fashionable and cute. Usually I wouldn’t post an outfit like this, but I like to keep it real sometimes and the views from this frozen lake were too beautiful to pass by. 

Not knowing what to expect weather wise, I packed all of my favorite black layering pieces and hoped for the best. By the end of the trip I had exhausted all of my outfit options and was more than happy to throw on a turtle neck and the University of Kentucky sweatshirt I got for Christmas.

Ground breaking? No… but nothing is going to break this ground anytime soon! 

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