Wear White Party

Recently I was invited to my first wear white party. If that was not exciting enough, it was actually a scene for a new movie that a friend of a friend is producing! Can you say “hello Lauren’s 5 minutes of fame!”?? While getting ready for this event, the inspiration in my head was a […]

Twirling like a 5 year old!

Just in case I wasn’t girly enough, just give me a circle skirt and watch me turn into a 5 year old girl giggling while spinning around watching my skirt twirl! eShakti gave me this dress (similar) about two years ago, and I am pretty sure it will be my Easter dress for years to […]

I’d bet on it!

The month of October is one of the most exciting months here in Lexington. Not only is there Halloween (which people do get very excited about around here) but it is also Keeneland month! Keeneland is a horse racecourse and is only officially opened two months a year. Although I am not the biggest horse […]

Crazy socks!

On Wednesdays we wear pink. That was all I could think about today while wearing this trench! Now that I have finally said it, we can more on to more important thing. A little while ago I had to fill something out asking me to describe my style in three words. That was harder than […]

My outfit doesn’t match!!

For the last few years I refused to wear blue shirts with jeans. That translated into never buying any type of blue shirt because most of the time the only pants I wore were jeans. It has been hard, but I am finally starting to buy more blue because my bottoms options have expanded and […]

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