Crazy socks!





On Wednesdays we wear pink.

That was all I could think about today while wearing this trench! Now that I have finally said it, we can more on to more important thing.

A little while ago I had to fill something out asking me to describe my style in three words. That was harder than my last Linguistics test! Since then the idea of my personal style has been on my mind. The only conclusion that I have been able to come to is that I must have multiple personality disorder because one day I look like a full out hippy and the next I look like a nerdy man.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, it keeps me excited and unique. It also heeps my closet full. Maybe if I could stick to one style I wouldn’t need so much clothes, but I guess we’ll never find out! Lately I have mostly been intrigued  by the way guys can wear such fun socks all the time. Most guys will just keep these fun socks covered, but the really bold ones roll up their pants totally showing off their fun socks and nice shoes. Those are the guys that inspired this look. To avoid total menswear and stay in the menswear-inspired side of the tightrope, I piled on the pearls and tied up my hot pink eShakti trench coat.

What do you think of this crazy sock trend, on men or women?


(Bella says hi!)

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