Offensive Midriffs?!?!

It takes a lot to offend me. I am known for letting a lot of thing roll off my back and shrugging stress off of my shoulders. One thing, particularly one class, has been eating at me recently. It is a class that  I was thrilled to take because I though we would be learning […]

Spring Showers!

It is officially by Spring Break and I am not going to let some wet weather to rain on my parade! I plan to stick to my normal schedule of being unlike most college student, and spend my week in Lexington, working hard and reading business books with a huge smile on my face! I […]


You all have no idea how happy I am to finally not have to put on a puffy coat, blanket scarf, hat and gloves before safely leave the house! This jacket is the perfect transition piece for when I am tired of putting on a real coat, but it’s still too cold to go without […]

Do Something That Scares You!

Last Wednesday night/Thursday morning Lexington got 14(!!!) inches of snow. Just when the snow from the last big storm melted, we started all over again. This meant being stuck in the house for a few days, so when I did get out I really wanted to have fun with my clothes! I wear this cheetah […]

Monochromatic business look!

Getting dressed for business meetings is so much more enjoyable than just getting ready for class! I try to not go too overboard for classes, but for meetings I love breaking out the heels and dress pants. This outfit was fun because I’ve never done a monochromatic navy look like this before. For the chilly […]

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