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Last Wednesday night/Thursday morning Lexington got 14(!!!) inches of snow. Just when the snow from the last big storm melted, we started all over again. This meant being stuck in the house for a few days, so when I did get out I really wanted to have fun with my clothes!

I wear this cheetah print dress a lot in the cooler months, and every time I wear it I try to find a new way to style it. This gets harder and harder every time I wear it, but throwing on a cropped sweater on top made the look feel new again!

With the never ending snow, ice, rain and flooding of melting snow, I have barely been able to take off my Hunter rain boots! They are one of my best investments, I don’t know what I would do without them!

P.s. I love this inspirational quote from outside of Lululemon. It’s definitely something I need to work towards.

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