Trying without showing it!

In yesterday’s post I was girly and sparkly, today I’m edgy and layered! That might confuse some people, but to me that is much more fun than having a set-in-stone look. I don’t understand those people that wear different versions of the same thing day in and day out. That just seems so boring to […]

KRNL Fashion Launch!

Last night I attended the KRNL Fashion magazine launch party! Although I was not involved in this issue (like I was in the last issue), I was so happy to support them and be there with the Lexington Fashion Collaborative which works very closely with KRNL. Also, it was cocktail attire, and we all know […]

Party style!

Last Friday was Hairchitexture‘s grand opening party was last Friday and I was thrilled to be a part of the event! More about that in another post… For the event I decided to follow the casual vibe of the night by wearing my high-rise jeans, a simple tee, a scarf to show off my scarf […]

Is it Spring Yet?

After a week of being stuck inside the house in sweatpants (don’t tell anyone I admitted to that), it was not easy to make the transition back into a fashionable frock. Plus, there are mounds of snow everywhere you look, walk, or think about walking and realize that there is no possibility of walking there. […]

Being MOUR Social!

The February issue of MOUR is online! This is our Social Issue and the first one only available online. This month I was lucky enough to write about three great, and very different, companies. The first was a great fashion blog, Glitter and Gingham, I did not get to meet her in person, but she […]

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