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In yesterday’s post I was girly and sparkly, today I’m edgy and layered! That might confuse some people, but to me that is much more fun than having a set-in-stone look. I don’t understand those people that wear different versions of the same thing day in and day out. That just seems so boring to me!

But that’s enough of a rant today… back to the outfit at hand!

This was one of those outfits that came together by just adding more and more pieces until I thought it was perfect. I wanted to look nice, but not too nice; fashionable, but not like I tried too hard! Yes… I did have too much time on my hands that morning. But this is something that anyone can do. A graphic tee, a chambray shirt and a blazer. Try to stick to a simple color scheme at first to achieve maximum outfit success. My only pop of color was a red hat, and, of course, red lips.

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