From “no” to “go”

Recently more than ever I have been motivated by people telling me that things aren’t possible or shouldn’t be done. Whether the idea just pops in my head or it’s something I really want to do, the moment I hear someone say that I should stop is the moment that I get to work. This […]


The transition from Summer to Fall is most definitely my favorite time of the year. It has the fun colors and shape of the summer, AND the stylish layers of the fall. This outfit perfectly explains what I mean. Rompers were my go-to for blog days and none-blog days alike this Summer. Letting them go […]

Being a tourist in my own town! (Day 337)

Spring is FINALLY in the air! Yesterday was the first time that I could comfortably¬†walk around in short sleeves, so today I decided to do everything in my power to avoid wearing jeans and boots. A maxi dress and jean jacket were perfect for a day of being a tourist throughout my new city. Since […]

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