My Top 5 Favorite Spring Jackets

It’s officially time to ditch the bulky coats and boots and pull out the light weight layering pieces! Although I have a basic uniform (described in the last post!) it’s easy to change things up every day with a cool Spring jacket.

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know that I am almost always in Levi’s high-rise skinny jeans and a basic top with a 3rd piece that completes the outfit. Or did I actually trick you into thinking my style was more complex?? If I did then my life is complete!

My jacket addiction has only grown since moving to NYC so today I wanted to share with you my top 5 favorite jackets for Spring. Although the outfit underneath didn’t change, each jacket changed the vibe of the look completely. These looks are an easy way to feel stylish with almost no effort this Spring!


Jean jackets are a classic Spring go-to but every year there’s a new version that comes into style. Last year I created a #GIRLBOSS jean jacket that I wore almost every day. This year I have been seeing pearl encrusted everything, but didn’t want to pay the trendy prices, so I bought this jacket from the Men’s section of GoodWill, picked up $5 worth of pearls from Michael’s and spent a few hours watching Friends and hand sewing pearls onto the jacket.

Don’t have a few extra hours? I’m loving this ready to go pearl jean jacket!


About 5 years ago I bought this jacket from a local Lexington designer and did a cost-per-wear segment (serious throwback HERE!) to make sure I got enough use out of such a statement piece. Let’s just say we’re down to the cents at this point!

Since then camo has become less of a trend and more of a basic. I’m still loving the sweet lace on the tough camo, it’s all so neutral while making a big statement and required very little styling.

This may be one of a kind, but pretty much every retailer has a version that you can make your own! Here is my top pick.


I just pulled this bomber out of the suitcase of Summer clothes that was stored away from the Winter and forgot how soft it was! It’s so silky and thin, perfect for warmer days when you just want a third piece to add a pop of color to your look.

This is not a look I’d spend a lot of money on, but it’s fun to have around while the trend is still going strong. Find one in a color that fits easily into your wardrobe so you can add it to your favorite looks rather than having to plan around it. Here’s a fun color blocking statement bomber!


If you wanted to invest in a bomber, I’d choose one in a neutral color with interesting details. Every time I wear this to work people stop me to ask about it and are shocked when I tell them it’s from Forever 21! The jacket was more than I’d typically spend at a fast fashion store, but it really looks like something you’d buy from Nordstrom or Barney’s.

This bomber is currently sold out, but here’s an Amazon Prime jacket that I’m currently loving.


Blazers will forever be the most basic layering piece and I’m not mad about it at all. Every person should have a perfectly tailored black blazer, but for Spring it’s fun to have an oversized or interesting print blazer to throw on with jeans and a tee. This look can go from casual Friday at work to Sunday brunch without any hesitation.

I wore this vintage Gucci jacket in my last blog buttoned with a body suit to be a little dressier, but for this look I went with a basic tee and let it fly open with the wind. If this is a look you like, spend some time searching for a print that you love with a fit to go with everything. Here is a great option!


Which is these jackets is your favorite?? Although I love all of them, the jean jacket will definitely get the most wear for the rest of the year! Also don’t forgot about a having a good basic leather jacket. That is something you will need all year round.

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