From “no” to “go”



Recently more than ever I have been motivated by people telling me that things aren’t possible or shouldn’t be done. Whether the idea just pops in my head or it’s something I really want to do, the moment I hear someone say that I should stop is the moment that I get to work.

This outfit was one of those break the rule moments. You can’t wear a shiny silver skirt with sneakers and an old tee, right? Wrong! You can wear whatever makes you happy! Sure it may make more sense with a pair of black jeans, but what kind of fashion blogger would that make me? (Let’s be honest… I would totally love that outfit too. It just would never get photographed)

Many of the challenges I have been faced with recently fall outside of my expertise. In the last few months I have actually spent more time in LA than NYC and while I did get to play with fashion, what I was mostly doing was learning the music industry. Although music has always been important to me, I have been clueless about the business behind it. My boss and her team were patient with me when they didn’t have to be and allowed me to take the time to learn rather than just hiring someone else that knew what they were doing already. It took some time because I didn’t just want to know what to do, I wanted to know why and how it all worked.

Once I figured out what I was doing from the inside out every day became a challenge of “Is that possible?” where my answer was (almost) always “I’m sure as hell going to try!” I may not have always been successful, but I did learn something new every day.

No matter what you do, take no’s as motivation to succeed and learn more!

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One thought on “From “no” to “go”

  1. Lauren,
    You amaze me and I love you!! Please continue your blog, I love following your wonderful journey!!

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