No one pinch me!

I have made it through two weeks in the city of my dreams and have officially experienced every emotion possible. Most of the emotions get cut short because they are overwhelmed with gratitude and pure joy. Not even kidding, no matter what happens during the day I could just burst with happy tears at any […]

What’s happening here??

Usually when I put together an outfit it is easy to decide what the theme of it is, edgy, girly, preppy, glitzy… But today I just couldn’t come up with just one word that describes my look. Some times that could be something to worry about because it would be overwhelming with too many ideas […]

Back to reality!

This weekend has been something I have dreamed of since I was little, but never thought I would actually be able to do. Unfortunately my dream weekend had to come to an end so that I could get back to reality, but I do know that taking these classes brings me closer to my degree which means […]

Enjoying my favorite city!

Another day in my favorite city has come and gone. Yesterday was my day of big planned events (check out yesterday’s blog here if you missed it), so today I just spent some time walking around and shopping. There were some pop-up shops happening outside the Lincoln Center which was fun to check out, and […]

So much fashion, so little time!!

Did today really happen, or am I just dreaming? The only way I know today did happen is because my feet are in incredible amounts of pain! But I can assure you that it was totally worth it. This morning I went to the Project Runway season finale fashion show. Usually when I am at […]

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