Maturing outfits!

For my trip to Florida this past weekend I tried to pack a minimum number of pieces, so here is another outfit option with the same shirt as yesterday’s post. This is what I would consider a more mature look. My shorts are LOFT and are a bit longer than the cut offs from yesterday. […]

Back from paradise!

How do you do this whole blogging thing again?? My family and I just spent a week in the Dominican where I had full intentions of blogging, but never actually took out my laptop. Instead here is a quick overview of the whole week! What brought us to Punta Cana, D.R. was a family friend’s […]

Vacation packing!

              Now that I am back from vacation I am finally able to get a blog together about how I packed for vacation! The general idea for this trip was to pack the least amount of pieces possible. This meant a combination of dresses, rompers and jumpsuits. None of […]

Vacation time!

You know it’s time to get a tan when a white t-shirt blends into your skin! Good thing I am heading out to catch a flight to Florida night now. In the middle of packing and getting ready to leave yesterday I had a quick shift at LOFT and this is what I wore. This […]

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