Vacation time!




You know it’s time to get a tan when a white t-shirt blends into your skin! Good thing I am heading out to catch a flight to Florida night now. In the middle of packing and getting ready to leave yesterday I had a quick shift at LOFT and this is what I wore. This skirt makes me so happy and it feels appropriate for so many situations. What was most important about this outfit though was breaking in these new flats. I’ve been needing a good pair of flats for a while now and I finally broke down and bought these. Besides a little bit of new shoe rubbing, these flats feel like walking on a pillow, I’m in love!

On another note, in honor of my 20th birthday this weekend, I am upgrading my website! It’s time for Lauren Allen’s Fashion Blog to get a maturing makeover! What would you like to see change/stay the same?

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