Vacation packing!

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5-22-14dNow that I am back from vacation I am finally able to get a blog together about how I packed for vacation! The general idea for this trip was to pack the least amount of pieces possible. This meant a combination of dresses, rompers and jumpsuits. None of which required bulky layering. The one layer that I did bring was a light wash denim jacket that worked with everything. One thing that I over packed on was jewelry. I packed many different pieces, but when I was getting ready for the laid-back days that I had a lot of, I did not feel the need to accessorize. What seemed to take up the most room in my suitcase was the mix and match pajama/lounge clothes that I brought. Even the three pairs to shoes I brought didn’t take as much space! This trip made me realize that I own a ridiculous amount of dresses… but there is nothing else I want to wear in the summer!

Do you have a trick to packing the most with the least amount of pieces?

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