Love Yourself First

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Whether you are celebrating the day of love, or Singles Awareness Day, this should be a day of loving yourself.¬† So many people have so many opinions about what this day means, but to me it’s all about universal love. I’m in a really good place in my life at the moment. […]

Comfortable Valentine’s Day?

Leave it up to me to put together the least sexy Valentine’s day outfit ever! That’s okay, though, because being single my plans are relaxing and eating a lot of chocolate. MOUR Magazine’s Weekly Wear Challenge was wearing pink and red together which is what really inspired this outfit. I would have never thought to […]


Valentine’s Day makes me so happy! A day filled with the best colors, flowers, chocolate and hearts? That is a day for me! Although I don’t really celebrate it in the traditional, romantic way, I do still appreciate the idea of having¬†a day to tell the one’s you love how much you love them. That […]

fashion Soul Mates(day 287)

Mary Kate’s Take- Happy Valentines day lovelies! Today is the day when pink and frilly clothes with ruffles take over the teen girl population of most schools. But I’m not one for frills and baby pink, so I decided to pair my favorite black and white bold striped sweater, and to bring out the valentine […]

Valentine’s Day! (Day 286)

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Some people choose to be grumpy about this holiday, and complain about being single, but I love the idea of a day for love. Plus I’m up for any excuse to dress up for a special occasion. I splurged on these red heart earrings from Francesca’s last weekend for today. Since […]

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