Valentine’s Day makes me so happy! A day filled with the best colors, flowers, chocolate and hearts? That is a day for me! Although I don’t really celebrate it in the traditional, romantic way, I do still appreciate the idea of havingĀ a day to tell the one’s you love how much you love them. That is why I wanted to tell all of you, my readers, how much I love you! Thanks for always supporting me!

Of course, another reason why I love Valentine’s Day is because it is a day to find an outfit with a fun theme! I bought these heart earrings for Valentine’s Day last year, and they were the perfect starting point for this years outfit! A red button down and some black and white pattern mixing kept the theme while still looking like a real outfit. It’s fun dressing up, but I’m not a huge fan of costumes at school!

What did you wear for this beautiful holiday??


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