The Uncertain Future.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about how the Corona Virus that has overwhelmed China was impacting the bridal gown industry. I was so busy at work that I never got a chance to get it published. We were so focused on making sure that gowns were not getting delayed overseas to impact upcoming nuptials that we ignored the idea of the possibility of it impacting our lives here in a broader sense than just fear of online shopping and wedding gown manufacturing.

Weeks later and life as we knew it has come to a halt. Those dresses we were pushing to receive are now sitting in storage  while awaiting a new wear date. The gathering of loved ones is now a dangerous proposition that is now either frowned upon or against governmental regulations depending on where you live.

Although I am so lucky in so many ways, these changed have been a hard transition for me. Before this week I had been working overtime to prepare for a week long trip to Europe that had been on fully booked. Once we started to hear that the virus was slowly slipping its way into the United States,  I was warned that my trip might me impacted, but the stubborn side of me (well, all of me) refused that idea and kept working and outfit planning for my trip.

Last Monday NYC public schools officially shut down indefinitely, Tuesday I canceled my flight to London, Wednesday I packed my bags, and Thursday I hit the road.

New York is a high energy city with a big impact. During times of crisis the energy exuded from the panicked occupants becomes suffocating. The City has gone from one of open ended opportunities to a petri dish of anxiety and depression with only darkening projected in the near future.

Living there also means small apartments and limited fresh air. Every day grocery stores became more chaotic and less stocked, and with the idea of a shut down I was starting to feel the walls caving in on me.

Being in an actual house with a backyard and grocery delivery is the comfort I needed to feel safe and healthy in the midst of a pandemic. No one knows what is to come of all of this, but I know that I have done everything I could do protect myself and the people around me.

The bridal shop that I work for has officially closed until they are told they can reopen which means that I am out of work until that day comes. All that is left to do it write, read, and try to hold onto my last bit on sanity. Hopefully that means more posts on here and maybe the beginning of my second book? Who knows! 

How are you handling this time of social distancing?

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