Work day (day 3)

Working for a makeup artist has many benefits including being able to wear fun outfits! Today i wore my favorite accessories, cheetah print flats and pink belt. Neutral colored shirts are always good to have around to be able to add fun accessories. It’s an inexpensive and easy way to always be in style. My […]

fit and flatter

Let’s have a little talk about “fit and flatter” today.  You may ask, “If it fits, it must flatter, right?” Wrong. Just because your high-waisted, light-washed, tapered jeans fit you, doesn’t mean that they flatter your body at all.  If you ever have them on again (which I beg you not to), look at your […]

Black Friday

Black Friday… The day when everyone in the world wakes up at ridiculous hours, after stuffing their faces the night before, to get the perfect gifts at majorly discounted prices. In my case it was more like not sleeping to get to the mall at midnight to soon realize that the discounts were much too […]

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