The study of fashion (day 51)

Florida is currently in the middle of a tropical storm which basically means nonstop rain and lack of motivation to do anything. After watching multiple movies this morning though, my dad and I got bored and visited books a million. This little trip didn’t come cheap for my dad! As soon as I walked into […]

high buns (day 50)

High buns are HUGE this season. With the heat and relaxed feelings of summer this look is perfect! If only I didn’t cut my hair off… oh well, no regrets! I’ve spent a good amount of time today looking at fashion magazines online and even though I do love them i realized how unrealistic they […]

Fashion Police (day 49)

I have always loved the show Fashion Police and if getting my own spot on that show does not work out I will just become a real fashion police-woman for the horse races in England! It’s true, there are fashion police watching you if you attend events like the Royal Ascot Races. This morning the […]

beautiful headbands (day 48)

I had the opportunity to meet an amazing entrepreneur today. She is the mastermind behind these beautiful headbands! her business is called Bella Rose Boutique. Go check out her facebook- and find your favorite! I bought the very classic black and white and I know I will be able to wear it with a […]

Dress love (day 47)

I had a great day hanging out with some swim friends today. We saw the movie What to Expect When Your Expecting and it was amazing. I would recommend it to anyone! After the movie we went to the mall and I, yet again, bought more stuff. I think I have an addiction to shopping… […]

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