fav shows (day 46)

Tuesday nights are my favorite because pretty little liars AND Jane by design are on! It is the perfect combination of drama and fashion. These pictures are borrowed from the ABC family website. From Pretty Little Liars, my favorite characters wardrobe is Hannah’s. All of the characters have a very unique style which I love, […]

Shoes (day 45)

Inspiring quote of the day is from the amazing Clinton Kelly- “Remember: Shoes set the tone for an outfit. It’s true. It’s the reason strippers don’t wear orthopedic shoes and nuns don’t wear stilettos.”. In the last year or so I have become obsessed with shoes. Before that I would have one pair of sandals […]

Slumber party (day 42)

I finally got out of the house today! All I did was errands but that’s better then nothing. Tonight I feel like a little kid again because my sister and I have friends over for a slumber party. We made melted crayon art, pizza bites, and Ice cream cup cakes. Now we are relaxing and […]

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