Relaxing day (day 41)

There is no picture today because I sat around the house all day in running short and a tank top. Everyone needs a day to relax and not worry about getting dressed. That makes getting dressed the next day all the more exciting! Sitting around today first of all made me very bored, but secondly […]

Make over! (day 39)

This is a very fun week for Image Insight! My mom wants to practice more fun eye looks so my little sister agreed to let my mom practice every day this week. Today was blue and purple, I love how it turned out. The only problem…. My little sister doesn’t look so little anymore! To […]

Catching up (day 38)

Today was a great day because my sister and I got to catch up with some life long friends! Since the only thing to do here in Gainesville is eat and shop we ate lunch at the mall and went shopping and here’s a surprise… I bought another dress! Anyone shocked?? I’m not either! It’s […]

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