Chill day (day 56)

I’m still lacking a photographer so I decided to be a little artsy today and take my own pictures. It’s nothing special but I just really liked my outfit today! Those are the same shorts in both pictures they just happen to look like 2 different colors. Today I met with a friend at Starbucks […]

Day in the sun (day 55)

I am sorry about the lack of picture today, my normal photographers are out of town! Today was another beautiful day on the beach though! One thing that is great about St. Augustine is that it is acceptable to wear your bathing suit under your clothes rather than changing to go down town. The suit […]

Friends forever (day 54)

I had such a great day today and I hope all of you did too! My picture today was taken at the outlet mall in St. Augustine and the beautiful model is my best friend Maria! We spent the morning shopping and on the beach and then we spent the evening with her family eating […]

Coco Chanel (day 53)

Today has been a long eventful day! I got up at 5:30 to go to a business meeting for my mom and then I took a CPR class so I am officially certified and now I am relaxing by the beach! For the meeting I wore my rust colored maxi dress and a jean jacket […]

mixing patterns (day 52)

Today was my orientation for Santa Fe College. Since I duel enrolled there last year it was mostly a waste of time but going gave me the opportunity to have a guidance counselor recommend the classes that I should take in the fall. I just finished signing up for classes and BOY does that add […]

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