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This weekend we celebrated my graduation from the University of Kentucky in style! I have a huge fascination with the Roaring ’20s, so it was necessary to theme my party appropriately. Since there are not many opportunities to dress head to toe in sequins and pearls, I took the chance while I had it.

Weeks of planning and Pinterest went into this party, and it came out better than I could have ever planned. We had a pig roast, frozen margarita machine, selfie booth and two tents. I also had some fun with technology for the party; I built a website to go along with the invitations and had my friend design a Snapchat Geo-filter which was available through the party! The best part was that so many friends and family traveled from Florida, Georgia and New York to celebrate with me. I do not know when the next time I will see most of these people will be with my upcoming move, so it was nice to have some catch up time! What I do know is that all of these decorations are coming with me to my future NYC apartment to become full-time decorations because I love the way they all turned out.

(Photos: Anne and Buck Williams)










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