First day back to reality!

School has officially started which means that it is time to transition from my meeting wardrobe to school wardrobe. Although those two do overlap a little, they are separate… at least in my mind. For my first day of classes I wore my new favorite Target jeans with a LOFT tunic and navy accessories. The […]

Finishing the Race.

It’s that time of year again.This week I start my Senior year of college. Although I am doing everything in my power to pretend the semester isn’t going to start in just one day, I am also ready to power through it to get to the finish line. As life’s little inside joke to me, […]

First Day of School!

The first week of Fall semester is always hard because you are getting used to a new schedule, there are hoards of people everywhere, and it’s burning hot outside while being ice cold inside. While I can’t do anything about the people besides politely push past them, I keep the UK app on my phone […]

Shhh! Styling secret!!

Yesterday was my last day of freedom before the stress of college kicks in again and takes over my life, so my mom and I decided to go see If I Stay (tissues were important accessories of the day) and run a few errands. It was extremely hot outside, but I knew the movie theater […]

Back to school!

Even though today starts my Junior year in college I feel like a little freshman all over again. I have absolutely no idea how to get anywhere on campus and on top of that I only know one person. Luckily enough, that one person is willing to show my around and help me get to […]

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