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After a test yesterday morning I spent some time distributing MOUR magazine and then hanging out at RnJ Accessories. If it wasn’t for the test that would have been the perfect day! The November/December issue of MOUR just got published and I am so thrilled to have written the main article for this issue, so definitely go find yourself a copy around Lexington (locations here)! It was pretty nice outside yesterday which meant as long as I had some layers on I didn’t actually need a jacket. For those layers I decided to try something I’ve never done before, layer 2 button downs. I mean, why wear just one when you can rock two?? Since buying these black and white aztec print pants I have wanted to pair this polka down button down with them, but just the 2 is an overwhelming amount of print. Tucking in a chambray shirt broke up the patterns and gave me a waist line. I liked this outfit so much that IĀ  kept it on and just added a pink wig for a Halloween party with my family!

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