It’s snowing!! (day 272)

This morning while I was getting ready for class it started snowing, so as soon as I was ready I grabbed my mom and we went and took pictures in the snow. It was hard to capture the snow flurries in the pictures, but it was still a fun photo shoot. Today was also the […]

Purple leg warmers!!! (day 271)

Rain may be annoying and gross, but any weather can become bearable with the right accessories. This rainy weather just happened to be the perfect weather to show off my newest accessories, beautiful blue rain boots! Knowing that it would rain all day, I started with the shoes and went from there. Wearing them with […]

Time for Tom’s! (day 270)

I love boots, but I was so happy that I could wear something else today! My go-to with this black and white Aztec sweater is a long tank and leggings, but I wanted to wear my red Tom’s, and leggings always look best with boots. Instead I wore dark wash skinny jeans and a black […]

Rain rain go away! (day 269)

If I could wear chambray everyday I totally would. It is the perfect neutral, especially with fun colored jeans like these orange ones. I have trouble with orange jeans because pairing them with black looks like a Halloween costume, so I try to avoid black and most dark colors. That is why this chambray and […]

playing with gray! (day 268)

So I guess I have a new found obsession with gray since Friday! Because this dress is gray and black I rarely wear it since I can’t wear my go-to brown with it. It also kind of annoys me because it has short sleeves… not sleeveless or long sleeves like normal turtleneck sweaters. I don’t […]

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