Rock and Roll (day 267)

It is really interesting how much people’s wardrobes differ. Yesterday on Mary Kate’s Take Mary Kate totally rocked a gray peacoat with a gray sweater underneath. Her wardrobe works with and around gray pieces where mine doesn’t. I have had this gray cheetah print tank since Christmas and a nice gray button down for over […]


Reason #265 to always look your best: you never know when you will be called in to talk about a job. As I was walking into my house after class today I got a call from the person that interviewed me asking me to come in to fill out paper work because I got the […]

Grandpa sweater! (day 264)

Today was definitely a grandpa sweater kind of day. It was so hard to get out of bed this morning, so once I finally did comfortable clothes was the only option. This sweater also just happened to show up in the mail yesterday which meant that I had to wear it. Forever 21 was having […]

Interview! (day 263)

(Photo credit: Samantha Allen) After class today I had an interview for a job that I am very excited about. Not only am I happy about the job itself, I am ready to have an income again. I haven’t worked since I moved which would be fine if I could stop shopping, but yesterday I […]

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