Color blocking (Day 292)

It was really hard to not wear sweat pants and a hoodie to my test today, but I knew I would not be happy if I did wear sweats, so I pushed through and got dressed. I kept the colors really clean and simple. The only pattern in today’s outfit is my black and white […]

Subtle pattern mixing (Day 291)

I love wearing these floral jeans because they turn an average jeans and a button-down into a fun and exciting outfit. When planning my outfit this morning I planned on wearing my knee high boots, but there was too much going on with leather, fur and floral, so I went for short boots instead. I […]

Presidents day (Day 290)

Thanks to the wonderful presidents of this county’s past, I got the day off today to appreciate all that they have done for me to allow me to be where I am today. Surprisingly I actually spent the day studying for a history test I have this week, so I did actually study a lot […]

New and exciting(day 289)

There are so many things I am excited to talk to you all about today! First is an awesome new fashion networking site called Outfit Hive that just went live today. I am very excited to be a part of it from the beginning because I know that this will be a very inspiring site […]

Casual Saturday (day 288)

Every once in a while I get stuck in a rut with my clothes. I feel like I can only wear my clothes a certain way and I don’t branch out to other possibilities. All I need to fix this is one new piece added to my wardrobe, and I become so much more creative. […]

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