fashion Soul Mates(day 287)

Mary Kate’s Take- Happy Valentines day lovelies! Today is the day when pink and frilly clothes with ruffles take over the teen girl population of most schools. But I’m not one for frills and baby pink, so I decided to pair my favorite black and white bold striped sweater, and to bring out the valentine […]

Valentine’s Day! (Day 286)

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Some people choose to be grumpy about this holiday, and complain about being single, but I love the idea of a day for love. Plus I’m up for any excuse to dress up for a special occasion. I splurged on these red heart earrings from Francesca’s last weekend for today. Since […]

Colorful floral (Day 285)

Today consisted of a mix of rain and snow giving me the opportunity to wear my rain boots again. I love how the blue in the rain boots picks up the little bit of blue in the floral jeans. Since I wore a neutral sweater I also wore a bold scarf for another pop of […]

Long day Monday (day 283)

¬† Because Monday’s aren’t hard enough, I woke up this morning with no voice. I hate being sick because I don’t think straight and that made me late to class. Even though I was rushing out the door this morning today’s outfit turned out pretty well! It is so much fun mixing different colors, and […]

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