I did it!(Day 247)

I made it through my first day ever living in the cold! For Kentucky it wasn’t very cold, but for Floridians, 45 degrees is cold. Since it was cold I avoided spending much time outside, so I wore a couple of layers for when I did have to walk from the car to church, but […]

Moving day! (Day 246)

The day has finally come! I now officially live in Lexington, Kentucky. I have very mixed emotions about the fact that this is the last blog picture I will ever take at my old house, but I know for a fact that I loved this outfit for traveling! Yesterday we were in the car for […]

Once Upon a Time (day 245)

Mary Kate’s Take- Lately I’ve been obsessing over a television show called Once Upon a Time, and one of the characters, Mary Margaret/Snow White, dresses so fantastically! A little hint of a vintage feel, soft and feminine, and unique to her character. It’s very possibly the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. Pretty […]

Girls night out (day 243)

I love spending so much time with friends, but saying goodbye at the end is really sad! most of my day was spent in shorts and a cute sweater running errand, but I am now heading out to dinner with a friend so we decided to dress up a bit. Minus the heals, this is […]

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