Leg warmer fun! (Day 244)


This is an outfit that I wore during the “10 commandments of Fashion” and I loved it so much that I saved it to put up later! It was finally cold enough that I could wear my new knit leg warmers with my brown riding boots. Now that I’m moving to a place with an actual winter, I’m not worried about finding times to wear these leg warmers! The rest of the outfit was pretty simple, with some fun accents. My favorite part is probably the red jeggings with the brown boots, I just love the way it looks. I was also wearing a crop jean jacket, brown T-shirt, and my favorite scarf to pull it all together.

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One thought on “Leg warmer fun! (Day 244)

  1. Loving the ensemble – especially the great scarf! Living up north (WI) and not looking good in turtlenecks, I’ve become a scarf junkie. They add both style & warmth and are so often inexpensive (think Target!). I have a short neck so the “cervical collar” look & feel of turtlenecks is unattractive & uncomfortable. Scarves are a much softer look and less claustrophobic. Best way to purchase: have that “OMG what a fabulous color/ print/etc!!!!!!!!!!!”. Oblong shapes are most versatile; I even use a beautiful large pashmina with my winter coat. I hang all my scarves along a hanging bar in my closet so when I walk in I can “shop” and see all the beautiful colors – think “hanging art”!

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