Moving day! (Day 246)

The day has finally come! I now officially live in Lexington, Kentucky. I have very mixed emotions about the fact that this is the last blog picture I will ever take at my old house, but I know for a fact that I loved this outfit for traveling! Yesterday we were in the car for seven hours. It wasn’t too cold so I didn’t need a coat, but it was cool enough that this sweater was perfect! The outfit also fit my favorite traveling outfit equation , so I was happy. On Thursday my friend Paula got back from her trip to Brazil and brought me this gorgeous fabric necklace, and it went perfect for the outfit I had already picked out for traveling. I was so excited to wear it, the outfit would have looked very boring without it.
Living in Kentucky is really going to change what I wear on a daily basis. I’m very excited to learn how to dress for a real winter, and then teach you all everything that I learn! This is going to be an interesting couple of months for everyone!

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