Once Upon a Time (day 245)

Mary Kate’s Take-

Lately I’ve been obsessing over a television show called Once Upon a Time, and one of the characters, Mary Margaret/Snow White, dresses so fantastically! A little hint of a vintage feel, soft and feminine, and unique to her character. It’s very possibly the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. Pretty pastels, floral prints, and knee length high waisted skirts make up most of the wardrobe. By dressing in this manner, she shows a put together grown woman, while also maintaining her young and fresh feel. The high waisted skirts pull in at her smallest point, making her look as skinny as possible, and the length is modest and grown up. She also is sporting dark hair, to contract her fair complexion and bring out her bright eyes, and is in a short pixie boy cut which frames her gorgeous face perfectly. Once upon a time, Snow White was the most fashionable girl around.

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