Inspriations! (Day 312)

Today’s fashion blog is brought to by Paula! Hey ladies! Today I wanted to talk about my inspiration for this outfit. Yesterday I wanted to do something interesting with my nails and decided on giving myself a Black Matte French Manicure. For my outfit today, I really wanted to follow the theme of black with […]

New shoes! (Day 311)

I enjoyed my day off today running errands with my mom! It rained all day today, so I kept my outfit neutral so that I could wear my blue rain boots and blue/green rain coat. While out shopping I came across these mint loafers at TJ Maxx and just had to get them! I love┬ámint […]

Pretty Little Liars!! (Day 310)

I am totally obsessed with Pretty Little Lairs! It has the best fashion than any other show on TV along with just being a great show to watch. Last week while I was watching PLL I saw Aria’s outfit and instantly knew I could copy it with clothes I already own. I don’t have green […]

Moving Day! (Day 309)

I admit this this is not exactly a high fashion outfit, but I do think it’s pretty good for a day filled with unpacking boxes! Yesterday the moving people came with a gigantic truck filled with all of our stuff that we have been missing for the past two months. Yesterday also just happened to […]

Criminal Minds Fashion!! (Day 308)

My mom and I are obsessed with crime shows, especially Criminal Minds! Our favorite character on Criminal Minds is Penelope because of her bold fashion sense. Everyone else on the show wears very neutral and buttoned up clothes, but Penelope pushes the envelope and wears fun bright colors. Her outfits are usually over the top […]

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