My dreams! (day 302)

I came across this sign while out shopping yesterday. I would have bought it, but I don’t have anywhere to put it in my room. Even though I didn’t get it, it got me thinking about how excited I am for the future, and how hard I’ve been working to get my dreams to come […]

Teal pops of color! (DAY 300!)

This is my 300th daily blog… how crazy is that?! It’s so close to a year, I can almost taste it! It was cold and rainy/snowy all day today, so I layered up with a long sleeve shirt,Forever 21 grandpa sweater, big scarf and then a black pea coat to top it all off. To […]


I’ve just about worn out my black jeggings, so the other day I made a quick trip to the mall to check out some of the things on my wish list. My first stop was a store that I did really well in on Black Friday, Arden B. I was so excited to find these […]

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