The 2013 Oscars!! (day 297)

For today I am taking off the “On a college student budget” part of the motto of this blog, and just talking about the amazing (and not so amazing) high fashion looks from last nights Academy Awards. This was the best red carpet this season, but I narrowed it down to my 3 best and […]

Progress report- my room!(Day 296)

My family finally closed on a house here in Lexington, KY, so that means I can get serious about my new fashionable bedroom! Decorating a room is a lot like picking out an outfit, you need a pop of color, a little pattern, and some neutrals to pull everything together. The pops of color in […]

Fashion Addiction (Day 295)

I have an addiction… to fashion. Yesterday after I planned the lipstick blog I was going to just wear something comfortable and not blog-worthy. Then once I got into my closet one thing after another happened and I ended up with this awesome outfit. It warmed up a bit yesterday, so I layered up enough […]

Lipstick loving! (day 294)

If you have read any of my blogs in the last couple of months, you would know that I have an obsession with bold lipstick. No outfit is complete without lipstick! So today I thought I would devote a whole blog to my favorite makeup accessory. The first picture shows all of the lip product […]

Is it spring yet?? (Day 293)

I am so ready for fun spring colors! Winter colors become so depressing, so every once in a while I pull out some bright colors and mix them with winter basics. Today the winter basics were black boots, and a black and while polka dot button down. My color was my favorite purple leg warmers […]

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