Lipstick problems! (day 307)

Something terrible happened to me today… I forgot my lipstick bag at home! I always put on my lipstick at a stop light on the way to class, but today I left it in my purse at home. After wearing bright lipstick every day I felt naked without it today. Even though I missed my […]

Brr it’s cold out here! (day 306)

The original plan was to wear these shoes with this outfit today, but as I walked outside this morning I realized that there was snow up to my ankles, so leather boots we not the ideal shoe. My only option was rain boots (even though it killed me that they didn’t match this outfit very […]

Leggings in the winter (Day 305)

I totally love legging looks because of how comfy they are while still looking nice. The problem with outfits like this in the winter is that short coats don’t layer well with long shirts. That is why this outfit was perfect for today. It warmed up just a bit, and it rained all day which […]

Statement accessories (Day 304)

I am having so much fun with mix and match arm candy! Fun bracelets can take an outfit from boring to edgy in no time at all. I admit that these floral pants are really fun, but from a distance the outfit looks muted and neutral (still pretty though), and what pulls the whole outfit […]

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