Offensive Midriffs?!?!

It takes a lot to offend me. I am known for letting a lot of thing roll off my back and shrugging stress off of my shoulders. One thing, particularly one class, has been eating at me recently. It is a class that¬† I was thrilled to take because I though we would be learning […]

Back to School!

For us crazy college students, a new semester is right around the corner (if not already here). I am here to ask a favor of all college students… Please at least try to get dressed every morning. It’s not really that hard, I promise! This semester I officially start upper level journalism at UK which […]

First Day of School!

The first week of Fall semester is always hard because you are getting used to a new schedule, there are hoards of people everywhere, and it’s burning hot outside while being ice cold inside. While I can’t do anything about the people besides politely push past them, I keep the UK app on my phone […]

Stuck in the wrong state!

Let me just start with, GO GATORS! I know that this is a fashion blog, not Sports Center, BUT living in Kentucky, nothing makes me happier than the Gators beating the Wildcats in a nail-biting basket ball game! ūüôā Since I worked yesterday, I couldn’t really go all-out gator fan, so instead I went work-appropriate […]

Here we go again!

As I start the Spring semester of my Junior year today I am feeling¬†unprepared¬†for¬†today¬†and the rest of the semester. This “break” had me running around non-stop trying to get as much¬†done as possible before¬†adding a full course load back onto my plate. I was in complete denial about¬†the beginning of this semester until my alarm […]

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