Packing Problems

As I was packing for Kentucky, the weather app on my phone showed temperatures in the 50s… As I took these pictures it was in the single digits…  Packing always stresses me out because I’ve never been good about preplanning outfits and a 60 degree swing in temperature doesn’t help at all. I took these […]

Graduation Party

This weekend we celebrated my graduation from the University of Kentucky in style! I have a huge fascination with the Roaring ’20s, so it was necessary to theme my party appropriately. Since there are not many opportunities to dress head to toe in sequins and pearls, I took the chance while I had it. Weeks […]

KRNL Spring 2016

            This year I have been honored to hold the title of Key Stylist for the University of Kentucky’s student run fashion magazine, KRNL. We publish once in the Fall semester and once in Spring. This Spring issue is the last one I will style before graduating (!!!!) next month, […]

First day back to reality!

School has officially started which means that it is time to transition from my meeting wardrobe to school wardrobe. Although those two do overlap a little, they are separate… at least in my mind. For my first day of classes I wore my new favorite Target jeans with a LOFT tunic and navy accessories. The […]

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