Chill day (day 56)


I’m still lacking a photographer so I decided to be a little artsy today and take my own pictures. It’s nothing special but I just really liked my outfit today! Those are the same shorts in both pictures they just happen to look like 2 different colors. Today I met with a friend at Starbucks in the morning and then after I spent a majority of the rest of the day reading and watching tv. I guess everyday can’t be a fun day at the beach with friends! But for coffee this morning I wore my green shorts and a long sleeved shirt because it was comfortable for a relaxing day! It’s hard to tell from far away but the shirt is actually stripped and kind of see through. To pull out the black and white in my shirt combo I wore my black keds and then for a fun pop of color I added my favorite coral necklace. I really like this outfit and I know I will be wearing it again on days that I might actually leave the house for more than an hour.

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