Frozen school day (day 255)

blog day 285

It’s back to school time. Normally for a day like this I would wear a new exciting outfit, but the high today was 34 and I still am figuring out how to work it in freezing temperatures. Besides some drama that eventually got worked out, today was a good first day at a new school. I’m excited to meet new people and work hard to accomplish my goals.

After spending a lot of time standing in my closet this morning complaining about not having anything to wear, I went back to old favorites for today’s look. Since I spent most of the day bundled up in my jacket, my teal jeans were the statement of the day, and then my favorite scarf pulled everything together.¬† I still have a couple more days of freezing temperatures this week so maybe I’ll figure out something super fashionable and warm by then!

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