Fun colors (day 88)


I got to wear my new black dress pants today for a networking meeting that I was at to substitute for someone! This meeting has become a great way for me to work on my public speaking because I seem to be becoming the resident substitute! I know that every single person in the group is extremely professional and amazing at what they do, they have even started to feel like friends over the last couple of months. It makes waking up at 5:30 worth while because it’s such a great experience every week.
Styling dress pants is not as easy as I expected. My mom has always worn them so I assumed it would be easy but it took some trial and error. I really do like the final product though! This blue-green shirt is actually borrowed from my mom’s closet because I loved the tiered look! Also, I never wear shirts with blue’s because my go-to pant is usually jeans and that is to much blue for my taste. To add an extra pop of color I wore my coral necklace which turned out to be everyone’s favorite part of my outfit! What do you like best?

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