Hot summer days!




It’s another shorts day here in the Kentucky. This has been the hottest it has been all summer, but I’m not complaining because it is still no where near the Florida’s temps! Whenever I wear shorts, especially shorts as sort as these, I don’t like to also wear sleeveless shirts, so today I paired my high waisted shorts with an over-sized pink and orange striped shirt. Tucking in the front of the shirt kept my waist visible rather than looking frumpy. I loved pairing an orange statement necklace with this top, it’s like they were made for each other! The only issue I had with this outfit was the shoes, these always seem to leave many blisters on my feet no matter how many times I try to break them in. Do you have any tricks to breaking in a pair of flats?


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  1. Dr scholls makes a blister defender product that you roll onto your feet before the blister starts. I have been using it all week on vacation without the first blister, even after walking 6-8 mikes a day.

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