Packing Problems

As I was packing for Kentucky, the weather app on my phone showed temperatures in the 50s… As I took these pictures it was in the single digits…  Packing always stresses me out because I’ve never been good about preplanning outfits and a 60 degree swing in temperature doesn’t help at all. I took these […]


Cam Whaley and I had been going back and forth for almost two years before finally collaborating and getting these amazing shots! I love a good androgynous look so when I saw his menswear inspired mood board, the job got even more fun. For this shoot I kept the looks neutral, without print and tailored. […]

Derby Day 2017!

Yesterday I got the opportunity to go to the Kentucky Derby for the first time ever! Just like Coachella, the Derby is something that I usually only get to scroll through online to see the fashion. This year I was able to see it for myself and even participate. Maybe next year I will be […]

Holiday Hangover

The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving were some of the busiest I’ve ever been. Although I love daily grind of the city, nothing was better than unwinding in Kentucky for over a week. I watched Gilmore Girls, got eye last extensions, went Black Friday shopping and had no cares in the world other than deciding […]

Snow problems.

Goal outfit: Look in reality: Remember how I told you about my interesting day that I told you about earlier this week? Well, today topped that! I had an all day shift planned today at LOFT. Overnight last night it started snowing and by this morning there were blizzard-like conditions and at a couple inches of snow […]

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