Derby Day 2017!

Yesterday I got the opportunity to go to the Kentucky Derby for the first time ever! Just like Coachella, the Derby is something that I usually only get to scroll through online to see the fashion. This year I was able to see it for myself and even participate. Maybe next year I will be styling for it too? We can only hope!

The possibility of me going had been floating around for a few weeks but nothing was set until the day before so I didn’t invest a lot into my outfit, but I was happy with how it turned out! Pieced together from past jobs that fell through and a quick retail therapy session, it felt perfectly fitted for the occasion. The day was supposed to be pretty dreary and muddy but everyone in the group did a great job of fitting their outfits to their personalities and the weather predicaments.

Horses are cool and all, but most of the day I had my back turned to the racetrack to watch all of the inspiration I needed standing the the Clubhouse with me!

Someone during the day described the Kentucky Derby as “Adult Prom” and that couldn’t have been more true. It really is a place for men and women to pull together their most stylish outfit and walk around for their peers to see. The weather may have stumped a few people, but the truly dedicated didn’t let a little mud ruin their fun.



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