Holiday Hangover

The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving were some of the busiest I’ve ever been. Although I love daily grind of the city, nothing was better than unwinding in Kentucky for over a week. I watched Gilmore Girls, got eye last extensions, went Black Friday shopping and had no cares in the world other than deciding on what happy hour would consist of for that day.

It is easy to get stuck in vacation mode though when mornings mean watching the Today Show in my pajamas and afternoons are spent catching up with old friends. Coming back to NYC wasn’t so hard because I love my home, but actually making myself get back to work took some self convincing.

With Christmas and New Years Eve just around the corner, why not just skate through these next few weeks and start over again in the new year? My holiday hangover was real. That is until I got offered an assistant job for the week starting the next day. I somehow went from no plans to frantically searching for interns and trying to remember if I actually knew what I was doing.

That is the funny thing about this industry, I usually have no idea what my week looks like until I throw myself into it and look back at the end of the week to realize that I haven’t had time to sleep or eat the last few days. I guess that’s how hangovers work though, you can either whine and complain in bed all day or just push through and make it work.

Until next time, don’t be afraid to dream!

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