Everything is Gucci

Some may say that this is the craziest looking jacket that they have ever seen. But what is fashion if you don’t push the limits of your style every once in a while? I’ve recently found myself in a different kind of fashion slump. There’s nothing wrong with my outfits, in fact I love most […]

Staying inspired

Sometimes it can be hard to get  inspired when life seems to be going by so quickly. Most of the time it’s all I can do to just keep up, let alone be creative and innovative. The most important thing to remember is to not get caught up in the whirlwind of emotion and chaos […]

Trying something new!

After a test yesterday morning I spent some time distributing MOUR magazine and then hanging out at RnJ Accessories. If it wasn’t for the test that would have been the perfect day! The November/December issue of MOUR just got published and I am so thrilled to have written the main article for this issue, so […]

Job interview!

Black and white seems to be this weeks trend, and I am totally ok with that! This look was for a job interview this morning. The job opening was for a sales associate position at a high end retailer. Because the job was at a clothing retailer I did not want to dress up too professionally, […]

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