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Some may say that this is the craziest looking jacket that they have ever seen. But what is fashion if you don’t push the limits of your style every once in a while? I’ve recently found myself in a different kind of fashion slump. There’s nothing wrong with my outfits, in fact I love most of them, but the issue is that I will wear the same outfit a few times a week.Black jeans, black thigh high boots and a black turtleneck has become my go-to for first dates, nights out at my favorite bar, a day of shopping and anything between. This makes second dates complicated because I’ve already worn my favorite outfit! But those are few and far between anyway, so that’s not much of a concern. LOL

The issue is that it’s Spring and it’s time to go back to my colorful roots. Every day on TimeHop I see blogs from the past six years and remember how much color I used to wear, and then I look down to see a different version of the same outfit I always wear.


This vintage Gucci jacket found its way into my closet recently and I’ve never felt more inspired! Just wait until you see the matching shirt it came with… I have big plans for the pair, together and separate.

What’s nice is that the jacket is an outfit in itself which makes the styling easy. Pick a neutral basic for underneath, throw on your favorite jeans, tie up the purple hair, add a pair of hoops to modernize the look and you’re ready to go!


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